Custom Order & Pricing: Classic Solid Skinny Jeggings

$25.70 USD
Color: Fuchsia

✨👉Custom Order and Pricing Great option for family or group ordering!

The advertised price is for one pair of jeggings. Prices vary depending on how many you order. 📲 Please send an SMS/WhatsApp to 910-825-1868 to check availability for the sizes and colors you'd like. Our system does not track inventory for this product and we acquire items as requested by our customers. Great option for family or group ordering!

Pricing depends on:

  • The number of items you get from each size and color
  • The delivery address or addresses. It is more affordable if all items are shipped to the same address.

Discounted Package Options:

  • Six Pack (2 small, 2 medium, 2 large - same color) Best Value 🤩 More Availability
  • Six Pack (same size- same color) Best Value 🤩 Less Availability
  • Six Pack (same size - mixed colors)
  • 2 Pack (same size- same color)
  • 2 Pack (same size - mixed colors)
  • 3 to 5 Pack (same size- same color)
  • 3 to 5 Pack (same size - mixed colors)
  • 7+ pack (same size- same color)
  • 7+ pack (same size - mixed colors)

The Classic Solid Skinny Jeggings are designed with a familiar 5-pocket jean look and a sleek silhouette. Made with quality construction, these jeggings offer a comfortable and flexible fit. 

Versatile and fashionable comfort: Perfect for both casual and dressy occasions. It can also provide comfortable wear for work, leisurely walks, and other activities.

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  • Capri jegging features a light sheen effect under certain lighting 
  • Quality denim-like construction stays true to the classic jean design but with the soft, comfort of leggings 
  • Lightweight, cotton-blend knit fabric comfortably shapes to your figure giving you all-day comfort 
  • Front button closure, 5 open pockets on front/back for on-the-go essentials, functional belt loops  
  • Style with sneakers and sandals for casual outings or with heels on formal nights!
  • 68% Cotton, 27% Polyester, 5% Spandex. 

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